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Often people refer to their separation as “their worst nightmare” or “the toughest time in their lives” and often, that is what it represents. Regrettably, those who separate can expect sleepless nights, often they can expect stress, uncertainty and for their energy reserves to be depleted by negative thinking and heartache. Many people are alreadyexhausted before the first time they set foot in the office of a law firm.
What clients can expect at O’Neill Family Law is unmatched service, empathy and clarity as to the path they ought to progress down so as to ensure that the separation process is as swift and emotionally manageable as can be. This is why making an appointment with Ben O’Neill of O’Neill Family Law is the first step to managing your separation in an manner which is designed to lead to an effective resolution at low emotional cost.

At O’Neill Family Law you can expect:- 

  1. Regular Updates. Rest assured that you will not be left hanging in mid-air. While your lawyer is working on the legal processes, you can sit back and expect updates communicated to you via phone calls or, if a phone call is unnecessary, text message. A personal meeting is always available also to those who prefer it. 
  2. Professional Experience. O’Neill Family Law is a specialist family law firm that offers a wealth of experience as to all aspects of family law.
  3. Prompt Attention. The staff of O’Neill Family Law make time to give clients prompt attention. They operate pursuant to a same day call back regime, meaning that you don’t have to wait until the next day to have your mind put at ease. Amongst the staff, service and a swift turnover in projects is emphasised in theory and practice.
  4. Reasonable Price Range. The philosophy at O’Neill Family law is to work with clients to keep their fees to a reasonable level and a “no surprise” policy is adopted. The communication between the staff of O’Neill Family Law and clients is second to none and clients will never be left with a bill they didn’t expect.
  5. Understanding. No two family law matters are the same. They all have their differences but what does not differ from matter to matter is the amount of time and effort which is put in to ensure that clients are cared for, understood and listened to. At O’Neill Family Law the emphasis is not on bombarding clients with legal jargon but communicating them on the level most likely to promote an entire understanding of the matters on hand.
These five aspects of O’Neill Family Law is common to those who have had Ben and his team handle their matter. To make an appointment with Ben contact the office.

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